Happy First Day of School, 2015

Our Montessori Preschool Opens this September, 2015

Our Montessori Preschool teacher, Ms. Cheryl Heatwole Shenk, has been working hard all summer to get the classroom ready for our very first class of preschoolers. All of us at Sacred Heart School are so happy and excited to welcome these little ones to our school family. Check back for pictures of our first days of school. Enjoy the last days of summer!!


Kindergarten Graduation, June 11, 2015

This year’s graduation theme was “Safari” and the kindergartners were certainly colorful and lively. Each child told us “What I Learned in Kindergarten” to the delight of parents, siblings, friends and teachers. They recited a poem and sang “Kalimba” and “I Am Special” in sweet, clear, proud voices. The program ended with a rousing rendition of “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen” and the class received their first standing ovation. At the end, everyone walked over to the cafeteria for cold drinks and cake. It was a happy day for everyone. We can’t wait to see them come through the red doors in September!!






Eighth Grade Graduation

It was a lovely June evening for our Eighth Grade graduation, Twenty-six students walked up the center aisle of our beautiful church all together for the last time. Everyone agreed that this year was a particularly beautiful celebration in terms of scripture readings, presentations, words of appreciation and music. Our students received several scholarships to Camden Catholic, Paul VI, Gloucester Catholic, Holy Cross Academy, and Cristo Rey in Philadelphia. Our students were also recognized with awards for kindness, generosity, good sportsmanship, living their faith, leadership, courage and compassion. The church was filled with teachers and staff, families, friends, sponsors and parishioners. It is always a night of laughter and tears. Nine of the twenty–six students had been with us for all nine of their elementary school years. In his Invocation, Father Michael Doyle asked God to “Keep them focused on learning all that they can. Help them to pursue their education. Inspire them with dreams, big dreams. Continue to give them the strength and courage to pursue them.”

God Bless Them All!!!



Welcome to Sacred Heart School! We are happy for your interest and encourage you to explore this website and find out more about us.

Tuition Assistance Available

We are a Catholic Elementary School for Kindergarten through Eighth Grades, located in the Waterfront South section of Camden, New Jersey, one of the poorest cities in the nation.

We are funded by Tuition and our Sponsorship Program

We offer an affordable Tuition

 Our curriculum is directed by the Diocese of Camden

Our school is accredited by the Commission on Elementary Schools of the Middle Sates Association of Colleges and Schools

Our school is a member of the Catholic Partnership Schools in terms of Educational and Enrichment Programs

We offer a strong, challenging Academic Program as well as weekly instruction in Computer, Music, Art and Physical Education

We offer Support Services, Extracurricular Activities and an After-Care Program

We are unique in Camden city and the entire Diocese of Camden in that the majority of our students are not Catholic

We welcome children of all races and religions

Our students feel happy and safe in our school

A spirit of Christian love prevails in Sacred Heart School

We teach our students to love God, work hard, be kind to one another and put others first.

Our beliefs:

  • It is essential that our faculty and staff strive to educate and model to our students the importance of social justice and to encourage students to be proactive in improving their community.

  • Parents are the primary educators of our students. Therefore, our faculty and staff must work hard to create a partnership between the home and school. That partnership can provide mutual support for the child.

  • It is our responsibility to push education and hard work as the most powerful tools to achieving a better future.

  • A commitment to the continual improvement and growth of our school is essential for the education of our students in preparing them to confront the challenges of their future.

  • Our faculty, staff and students must be strongly encouraged to mirror Christ’s life in showing love of God and each other.

  • Sacred Heart School exists to create a safe, Christian environment for students to be able to excel in education by challenging and empowering them to become responsible and contributing Christians in society.