What the Teachers Say

Aaron Bracy
7th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Middle School Social Studies

“Teaching at Sacred Heart is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to educate and inspire. It is an opportunity to mentor and befriend. And it is an opportunity to overcome obstacles together.  Nestled in the historic Waterfront South section of Camden, Sacred Heart School is a bastion of hope in a battered city. Teaching here is about so much more than just implementing a curriculum. Here students face the sad disadvantages of growing up in an overlooked urban setting, and yet are no less deserving than anyone else of the best education possible. To that end, teaching here is letting students know that education is their ticket anywhere. It is about motivating and inspiring students to overcome challenging obstacles, to face adversity head on and to live a life that embodies the morals and teachings of Jesus Christ.

It is a privilege and a challenge to teach at Sacred Heart, alongside a devoted staff, in a caring community of individuals who love children as Jesus loves us and who want nothing more than to give children an opportunity to grow and succeed in life.”