What the Parents Say

“The education is better, the discipline is better and I want my daughter to have something inside.”-Parent of a Sacred Heart School graduate


“I attended Sacred Heart as a child. I cannot begin to count the important values this school infused me with. I was blessed to have attended Sacred Heart from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. I attended a public high school after graduating from Sacred Heart and let me tell you, there was a world of difference between the two schools. The academic expectations at Sacred Heart were higher. Also, the teachers were so kind-hearted and genuinely cared about the students and were dedicated to helping us prepare for the future. This is still true today. Because the school is small, the teachers are able to recognize the needs of each individual student and personally help him or her in any area of concern.

I am most fond of the manners and lessons that are taught to each student at Sacred Heart School: Respect God, Respect Others, Raise Your Hand and Wait Your Turn to Speak. The best part about having attended Sacred Heart and personally knowing the staff is that I can rest assured that my babies are in good hands.”-Graduate of Sacred Heart and parent of kindergarten student


“I like it when my child returns to school from the summer break and he is greeted at the front door by his first name by Principal Williams and other school staff.”-Parent of first grade student


“Before sending my daughters to Sacred Heart School, I did some research on the schools in my area. I live in Camden and I haven’t given up on our city. I asked my friends and my family and the school they all mentioned with positive reviews was, of course, Sacred Heart. It’s in Camden, which is number one for me. Number two is that it is a private school, which means uniforms. And number three is that it is very structured, the education is good and religion is covered. It is also reasonable and affordable and in this day and time, that matters so much. My husband and I agreed that this would be a good school for our children to learn and excel in their abilities into their young adult lives.”-Parent of students in grades 2 and 8


“When I first visited Sacred Heart School, I liked it because the atmosphere was calm and peaceful and the children were obviously learning. I was introduced to Ms. Williams, the Principal, whose personality was warm and inviting. I expressed my concerns about paying tuition for my 3 children and was thrilled to learn that the tuition was affordable due to the Sponsorship Program. This is my children’s fourth year at Sacred Heart. My oldest son graduated and now attends the Creative Arts High School with a dance major. He gained so much confidence at Sacred Heart and danced in the Sponsor’s Night programs. I believe Sacred Heart is a wonderful school. I am so happy to have my children in a school where the staff honestly cares from the heart about our next generation and their future.-Parent of a Sacred Heart graduate and students in grades 5 and 7