What the Children Say

“I am in Kindergarten. I like Sacred Heart School because I get to play with my friends all the time. I also like to eat snack. Ms. Z reads books to us and I like to read myself. My favorite thing to do is to color. I can spell apple, duck, dog and cat. Miss Z tells us that our hands are not for hurting, but for helping. She also teaches us that God is everywhere, even in our hearts and God loves us and comes to us.”

“I am in the 1st grade. I like Sacred Heart School because it’s fun. My favorite things to do in my class are math and reading. I like my friends in the little grades and big grades. Everyone in 5th grade is my friend because my sister is in that class. Miss Cammisa is very nice.”

“I am in the 2nd grade and I like Sacred Heart School because we have fun activities. We go outside and we have art, gym and computers. In class we go to the computer and play a math game. Math is my favorite subject. My teachers are fun. Sacred Heart is a good school to go to because they have fun things to do and you can learn a lot.”

“I am in 3rd grade. I like Sacred Heart School because we have Specials like art and music and computers. I like that we can do fun things during our breaks. I like drawing, having recess and computer time. My favorite subjects are math and reading. I read the book, “Over the Hedge.” Our teacher taught us that God is our Father and our Saviour. God loves everyone because we are his children and He will never let us go.”

“I am in 4th grade and I like going to Sacred Heart School because they have special teachers who help students who need it. Sacred Heart School also provides after school activities such as Track, Choir, the After-Care Program, Drama and Basketball. I am in Choir and Track.

I recently typed a 164 word story about my trip through the Underground Railroad.

Sacred Heart is very helpful to me and my family because the Sponsors help my family pay for me to go to school at Sacred Heart. I think this is very nice of them.

I also like it when we have bake sales, The Hearts and Hands Festival, Sponsors Night, Valentine’s Day activities and making things for Mother’s and Father’s Day.”

“I am in 5th grade. I have been going to Sacred Heart since kindergarten. Sacred Heart has changed my life. Sacred Heart has never been just a school to me; it has been a second home. I was baptized at Sacred Heart Church when I was two months old. So I’ve been here since I was a baby.

At Sacred Heart I get the education my parents want me to have. This school helps me to be a straight A student. I feel very safe at Sacred Heart. I would never want to go to a different school. Sacred Heart School gives me hope in life. Sacred Heart gives kids a chance at hope and love.

I go to Sacred Heart Church on Sunday with my mom. Inside it is so beautiful. Whenever you walk in you feel a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. When I am there I feel like a happy daisy dancing.

Father Doyle is the best priest I ever had. Whenever you see him, there is always a happy smile on his face. He gives other people joy and happiness. Life seems easier when you’re around him. He is very connected to God. I love him very much and I love Sacred Heart School.”

“I am in the 6th grade at Sacred Heart School. I have been attending Sacred Heart for seven years. I like this school because you always learn something new and there is a special class almost every day. Our school activities are Student Government, Basketball, Track and Field, Choir and Drama. Our principal’s name is Ms. Williams and she is great at doing her job. If you want to send your child to a new school, Sacred Heart is the right place to choose.”

“I am in the 7th grade. I like Sacred Heart School because I have fun learning and I wouldn’t have fun if it was not for my teachers. There are too many reasons for me to write about why I like this school. But, the main reason why I like Sacred Heart School is because I know more than I did before and what I know now will take me far.”

“I’ve been going to Sacred Heart for 7 years. I am now in the 8th grade. Sacred Heart is a very fun school to go to. I enjoy the environment here, it makes me feel safe. The teachers are very helpful and nice. I like the way I am taught because I understand the lessons and sometimes they are fun.

The kids in my class are good to be around. Everyone who works in the office is very polite and nice to me. I like how the teachers are one-on-one with you and they push you to your fullest potential because they want to see you become a success. At school I am very happy and I feel alive. I’m going to miss Sacred Heart when I graduate. I will never forget the good times I’ve had here. I have learned many things about religion that I didn’t know at all.
All the things we learn are usually based on God.”