Special Events

Catholic Schools Week

We were so happy to have Bishop Sullivan and Mayor Dana Redd attend our Prayer Service on Monday, January 30, in our beautiful church. Our theme was ” Let our Light Shine for Others.” Many of our students had speaking parts and our choir sang two beautiful songs. It was a wonderful morning at Sacred Heart School.


Christmas Pageant, 2016

Hearts and Hands Festival

Eighth Grade Graduation
June 7, 2016

 Eighth Grade Breakfast, June, 2016

Eighth Grade Graduation

It was a lovely June evening for our Eighth Grade graduation, Twenty-six students walked up the center aisle of our beautiful church all together for the last time. Everyone agreed that this year was a particularly beautiful celebration in terms of scripture readings, presentations, words of appreciation and music. Our students received several scholarships to Camden Catholic, Paul VI, Gloucester Catholic, Holy Cross Academy, and Cristo Rey in Philadelphia. Our students were also recognized with awards for kindness, generosity, good sportsmanship, living their faith, leadership, courage and compassion. The church was filled with teachers and staff, families, friends, sponsors and parishioners. It is always a night of laughter and tears. Nine of the twenty–six students had been with us for all nine of their elementary school years. In his Invocation, Father Michael Doyle asked God to “Keep them focused on learning all that they can. Help them to pursue their education. Inspire them with dreams, big dreams. Continue to give them the strength and courage to pursue them.”

God Bless Them All!!!


Catholic Schools Week, January 26 – 30, 2015

One of the most exciting events during Catholic Schools Week at Sacred Heart is the Knowledge Bee and this year was no exception. The questions were tough and the contestants were really at their best. It was a close match until the very end. We were on the edge of our seats!!! This year, the Knowledge Bee coincided with Mis-Match day. Hence, Ms. Kristin’s interesting outfit and the shoes on two of our contestants.


We Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The students from grades 1, 4 and 8 presented a wonderful prayer service for the entire school in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In word, song, dance and art the children paid homage to this great leader in the fight for peace and harmony among all people. Everyone did a great job!!

Christmas Pageant 2014

Summer School Fun!

The “lazy” days of summer were far from lazy at Sacred Heart School! Our summer program was in full force from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday for the month of July. Each day the students worked hard developing their math, reading, and writing skills.  Along with the academic basics, students studied geography, science, music, art, cooking, and technology. For the first time Sacred Heart students had classes in etiquette, where they learned proper behavior for everyday life.

We also kept them moving and healthy both physically and spiritually. Each week students had Phys. Ed. in the gym and took swimming lessons at the YMCA.  After lunch, students and teachers “Set Sail with Jesus” daily during our vacation Bible school class.

The 44 students from grades K-8 received breakfast, lunch, and a snack.  We went on a trip to “Iced Tea Lake” in Shamong and on our last day, August 1,students  showed off their etiquette skills during a fancy lunch in the cafeteria. It was a great 4 weeks and on that last day, many students left saying they can’t wait to come again next year!


Sponsors Week, 2014

Sponsors Week at Sacred Heart was a very happy time due to the many, many sponsors who came to meet their student, share a pizza lunch and take a tour of the school. The students just love it when their sponsors come to visit!! Many sponsors also came to Sponsors Night to see the children perform in our musical production, “Fill Your Bucket with Inspiration!” Hope to see you again for Sponsors Week, 2015!  April 27 – May 1.


Congratulations to the Eighth Grade Class of 2014

It poured rain in the late afternoon of Tuesday, June 10, but stopped just in time for our 25 Eighth Grade graduates, dressed in red (boys) and white (girls) caps and gowns to walk on Jasper Street from the red school doors to the red church doors for their graduation ceremony. Seven of those students have been at Sacred Heart School for 9 years, since kindergarten. Ron and Kathleen Murphy, who have so generously sponsored this class for all 9 years, sat proudly up front and Ron gave the Keynote Address. He spoke very personally about growing up poor in Philadelphia and told the students he knew hunger and great hardship in his younger years, but with hard work and the great support of Kathleen (“Shultzy”) he became very successful with Murphy’s Markets. However, Ron said, while the hard work was so important, “It was God!” who was truly responsible for his good fortune. This was followed by thunderous applause from students, parents and everyone else present.

Our students received many very generous scholarships and awards based on academic excellence, model behavior, generosity and caring ways, leadership skills and financial need. Our students will be attending the following high schools: Camden Catholic, LEAP Academy, Penn Tech, Creative Arts, Pine Forge Academy, Haddon Heights High and Sterling High.

In his invocation prayer, Father Michael Doyle thanked God for guiding and enabling the students to finish their studies and asked God to grant each graduate the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit to help them face whatever difficulties they may encounter as they travel through life. He finished in this way: You are, O Holy Spirit, our greatest friend. You are with us always as near as our body breathing and our hearts beating. Amen.


Our Kindergartners get promoted!

On Thursday morning, June 12, nineteen of the youngest members of our Sacred Heart School Family were promoted to First Grade during a delightful ceremony of song and celebration led by Ms. Arlene Zalewski, or Ms. Z, as she is known to her students. The program was called “Aloha Kindergarten” and all the children were dressed in beautiful, bright colors with leis around their necks. The celebration brought a tear to the eye and joy to the heart when the children sang the sweetest versions of “Peace Like a River” and “Over the Rainbow.” May God keep them safe over the summer. We will be so happy to see them in September.

Honor Roll Breakfast

On February 7, 2014, several members of the Scared Heart Church Youth Committee made a scrumptious breakfast for all students who had made the Honor Roll for the second marking period. This was the second great breakfast for many of the students, who had also made Honor Roll for the first marking period. There were several new students at the table as well. Maybe they smelled all that delicious food at the first breakfast and worked a little harder. Special recognition…………and pancakes!……………seems to be a great motivator. We are very proud of our hard-working and conscientious students!


Family Games Night, October 23, 2012

So many families came out for Family Game Night! Everyone had so much fun spending time with family and friends, playing simple board games. No computers!….. and no one seemed to miss them.






Dads Take Your Child to School Day, September 20, 2012

During the summer we received an invitation from the Genesis Economic Self-Sufficiency Program and the Comprehensive Center for Fathers to participate in a Camden City event called “Dads Take Your Child to School Day” on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012.  The day was designed to invite male caregivers: fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and brothers to bring the special children in their lives to school as a way of demonstrating their interest in their education. The men and the children gathered in the church where Sacred Heart parishioner, Ben Hill, spoke to the men about the importance of staying very closely connected to the children and being a source of support in their lives. He then led the men in reciting a Pledge to stay involved and be positive role models. We were thrilled that 60 men brought 90 children to school! It was a great day at Sacred Heart.




First Day in Michael J. Doyle Fieldhouse, Our New Gymnasium!

On July 30, 2012, our summer school students were the first to do something that no other Sacred Heart student had ever done before……..bounce a ball in the brand new, state of the art gymnasium. The Michael J. Doyle Fieldhouse is just a short walk from the school and is the location for our Physical Education classes and home court for the Sacred Heart Basketball Team. We are thrilled to have this beautiful space for our students to learn and play.




The Sound of Music

In partnership with South Jersey’s professional orchestra, Symphony in C, a group of our students have the opportunity to study violin with professional violinist, Rebecca Ansel.



Sacred Heart School Celebrates
African American History Month through Art
February, 2011

Fifth grade teacher, Ms. Nancy Donnelly, teamed with Art teacher, Ms. Nicole Cucinotta, to integrate the students’ biographical research of famous African Americans with a paper quilt project.
Eighth grade teacher, Ms. Nancy DiBattista, led her students in an exploration of African art in masks, musical instruments, shields and various objects. The students then created their own renderings in pastels.