Daily Prayer

Praying together as a school community is a very important part of the day at Sacred Heart School. We begin the day by praying the Our Father. An eighth grade student is given the honor of leading the prayer over the intercom. All conversation and activity in the school stops as the students stand for Morning Prayer. A prayerful spirit does not end there. The children are reminded of the teachings of Jesus throughout the day and are expected to treat one another with peace-filled kindness and respect.

In a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of food, all our students, from the youngest to the oldest, say grace before lunch.

We pray together again at the end of the school day. At this time we pray The Prayer for Camden. This prayer was created and first prayed at Sacred Heart Church on April 5, 1997, when there were 1,000 days until the year 2000. We pray every day for the re-birth of Camden. We also pray for Camden’s Mayor, Dana Redd, who is a graduate of Sacred Heart School.


A Prayer for Camden

Almighty God, we praise you for all you have done.

Help us with all that you want us to do!

Come, Holy Creator, and rebuild the City of Camden

So that we do not labor in vain without you.

Come, Holy Savior, and heal all that is broken

In our lives and in our streets.

Come, Holy Spirit, and inspire us with energy and willingness

To rebuild Camden to your honor and glory. Amen.