Faculty and Staff

The faculty at Sacred Heart School is comprised of professional, experienced teachers who are dedicated to educating and nurturing our students. We have very little turnover among our faculty and staff. Because of this there is a sense of community among our faculty that contributes to the warm, caring environment of our school.

Our teachers are also involved with the students after school in sports, clubs, homework help and the After-Care program. The teachers get to know the students very well and strong bonds develop between them during the students’ years at Sacred Heart.


Pastor – Father Michael Doyle

Principal – Ms. Janet Williams

Office Administrators – Ms. Peggy Gorman and Ms. Ellen Pavlacka

Director of Development – Ms. Theresa Banford


Montessori Preschool – Ms. Cheryl Heatwole Shenk

Montessori Classroom Aides – Kristin Schrum & Ivette Torres

Kindergarten – Ms. Trisha Roland

Kindergarten Classroom Aide – Ms. Judy Maldonado

First Grade – Ms. Susan Cammisa

First Grade Classroom Aide – Ms. Eileen McCullough

Second Grade – Ms. Denise Andrews

Second Grade Classroom Aide – Ms. Fran Ewald

Third Grade – Ms. Kaelyn Pizarro

Third Grade Classroom Aide – Ms. Destine Webb

Fourth Grade – Mr. Jerry Ziegler

Fifth Grade – Ms. Amy Banner

Sixth Grade – Ms. Christina Payton

Seventh Grade – Mr. Aaron Bracy

Eighth Grade – Ms. Karen Greene

Resource Teacher – Ms. Jessica Barrale

Technology – Ms. Nancy Donnelly

Physical Education & Art – Ms. Nicole Cucinotta

Music – Ms. Dawn Bembery


Art teacher, Nicole Cucinotta, at the Hearts and Hands Festival.